The SNOOPY MUSEUM TOKYO in Roppongi, Tokyo, closed last September - Reopening at Minami-machida Grandberry Park in autumn of 2019


The SNOOPY MUSEUM TOKYO opened in Roppongi, Tokyo, in April 2016 and closed on September 24, 2018 as scheduled.
It was officially decided to transfer the SNOOPY MUSEUM TOKYO to Minami-machida Grandberry Park in Machida City, Tokyo in 2019.


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SNOOPY MUSEUM TOKYO is the only official satellite of the “Charles M. Schulz Museum,” in Santa Rosa.

“Charles M. Schulz (November 26, 1922 – February 12, 2000), created a studio in Santa Rosa, near San Francisco, where he retired.
He had decided to build an art museum there, and the design of the building and layout has been supervised by Schulz himself.

Related works were collected from all over the world and the displays are unique.
He died in 2000 without seeing the completion, but the museum is an art museum where Schulz’s ideas and inspiration are conveyed.

In 2016, the Charles M. Schulz Museum of Art opened the SNOOPY MUSEUM TOKYO in Roppongi, Tokyo, as its first branch in the world.
It is operated by Sony Creative Products, a domestic agent of the Charles M. Schulz Museum of art.
At the museum, original items related to “Peanuts,” are displayed in exhibits, with the original works of Schulz.

The exhibit of precious items of vintage value were revised every six months.
The SNOOPY MUSEUM TOKYO started two and a half years ago with the opening theme being “Tomodachi (friends) are all here.”

The theme of the last exhibition from April 21, 2018 was just ” Tomodachi (friends) “.
“BROWN’s STORE” in the museum sold original products that were only available there.

“Cafe Blanket”, which offered food, desserts and drinks tailored to the theme of the exhibition, has a unique menu titled, “Everyone is here”.


Schulz didn’t like the title ”peanuts?!”
Snoopy is widely known in Japan and the world, and many people remember the comic series as “Snoopy and Friends”.
But the real hero is Charlie Brown, who is the owner of Snoopy.
Schultz himself was Charlie Brown’s model, and like Charlie, his real name was Charles, and his father was a barber.
It is also said that the formal title of the series is “Peanuts”, because it is a comic book that can be read easily while eating peanuts, or a comic book, which features small but distinctive characters.

However, this was the name that United Feature Syndicates (now United Media), the publishing agent put on the series without consulting the original author.

Charles Schulz, who later learned of the title said that “it’s boring,” and goes onto say, “so I have been frustrated with this title when I was informed after hand.”
Schulz insists that he wanted to use the title “Good Ol’ Charlie Brown”, or “Charlie Brown” or “Li’ l Folks (= little folks = little folks)” as the original title of the work.


The city of Machida, Minami-machida Ward, Tokyu Corporation and Sony Creative Products, have agreed to reopen The SNOOPY MUSEUM TOKYO in the autumn of 2019 in Minami-machida Grandberry Park

The organizers also plan to work on an outdoor program that makes use of the green environment, as well as an original plan to study English in collaboration with Machida City.
They also plan to open a cafe in the adjacent area with exclusive sales of original goods.
The Minami-machida Grandberry Park is a part of the joint urban redevelopment project between the public and private sectors.

With the Grandberry Mall site adjacent to Minami-Machida Station, the plaza around the station, and the urban infrastructures, parks, commercial facilities, and bus stations, the plan is to create a “base for a new life.”
The SNOOPY MUSEUM TOKYO is located in the Park Life Site, which is the central part of the Grandberry Mall plan.
In addition to SNOOPY MUSEUM TOKYO, it will be equipped with libraries, workshop spaces, children’s centers, and other facilities, and it will be a hub to promote the communication of the entire town and relaxation of the whole community.
The Tokyu Den-en-toshi Line Minami-Machida Station, the gateway to the area, will be renamed “Minami-machida Grandberry Park ” by the end of fiscal 2019.
In addition, the express trains will be scheduled to stop on weekdays in addition to the conventional weekends and holidays.


A SNOOPY MUSEUM TOKYO Touring Exhibition will be held in April 2019 at Osaka and Nagoya in June.

Details of the reopening and touring exhibitions will be introduced on SNS and the official website.


The SNOOPY MUSEUM TOKYO will move from the center of the big city to the greener environment of Tokyo and the surface size of the new museum will be 2 times that of Roppongi.

We are all looking forward to the new museum and its new environment, too.




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